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card details

inktopaperpress postcards are commercially printed on 120# acid-free archival mohawk superfine paper (uncoated eggshell with a matte white finish) ~ sturdy but soft, with a slight texture & good color reproduction,  (4”x6”).

because the cards are printed using digital press printing with paper designed for this process, the resulting look is softer than that of a photographic print.

attribution details (name of the piece, date, & artist’s name) are linked to the source here on this website ~ the back of the cards are ink-stamped with only the inktopaperpress url & logo.
the orders are well packaged for shipping ~ the postcards themselves travel well through the mail as is, but a kraft (brown paper) envelope for each is included (50 cents off if you choose the open-air route, meaning no envelopes).


all images on the inktopaperpress site are available as cards, but to keep them accessible, this is a print-on-demand operation ~ some cards will stay in stock & be available quickly, but many will have a delay ~ i order from the printer as i go for the cards i don’t already have in stock.  

individual cards can be ordered, but a set of three is cheaper ~ one card: $1.00 (including envelope) + $.50 shipping ~ a set of three cards (including envelopes): $1.50 + $1.00 shipping ~ print-on-demand keeps the costs down.

i’m happy to exchange a card if you’d like to pay for shipping ~  if you’re  a new customer & would like to view before buying, let me know ~ i’ll send a free sample.


inktopaperpress postcards are printed by artifact uprising, a colorado-based printer committed to the principles of sustainable forestry (using suppliers that replenish the forest reserves they pull from) ~ mohawk, artifact’s paper source for these cards, generates all their  electricity with renewable wind power. 

though some products at artifact uprising are made from recycled material, these cards are not ~ the images are however printed with a digital press, using materials less harmful to the environment than those used for photographic prints.

the above information was gleaned from their website & from a few email exchanges with their staff.

the system isn’t perfect ~ i’m learning as i go & i hope to find a local printer committed & able to do small print runs on recycled stock, as well as render images with a digital press.

for artifact uprising’s environmental impact statement: