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card details

inktopaperpress postcards are commercially printed on a variety of papers, depending upon the commercial printer i’m using at the time. i try to stay local, but that’s hard with such small runs.

artifact uprising offers a soft, artful version of the cards: 120# acid-free archival mohawk superfine paper (uncoated eggshell with a matte white finish) ~ sturdy but soft, with a slight texture & good color reproduction (4”x6”). 

the back of the cards are manually ink-stamped with only the inktopaperpress url & logo.

currently, i am more likely to use they create good color and detail. though both commercial printers are good, i find more accessible for my needs. their paper: 16-17 pt, sturdy, gloss or matte.

the front of the moo cards may sometimes carry attribution details in very small print on the front. my logo and URL are printed on the back.

the historical portion of this project happens mainly on this website ( (aka  this is where the links to historical information are found, as well as a link to a downloadable image on another site.

the aim is to include attribution details (name of the piece, date, & artist’s name) for all cards via links from image to source.


all images on the inktopaperpress site are available as cards, but to keep them accessible, this is a print-on-demand operation. some cards will stay in stock & be available quickly, but many will have a delay. i order from the printer as i go for the cards i don’t already have in stock.

eventually i’ll set up shop, but for now, please email me if you’re interested in purchasing a card(s).   

individual cards can be ordered, but a set of three is cheaper. 
~ one card: $.50 (including envelope) + $.50 shipping
~ a set of three cards (including envelopes): $1.00 + $.75 shipping.

i’m happy to exchange a card if you’d like to pay for return shipping.  if you’re  a new customer & would like to view before buying, let me know ~ i’ll send a free sample.

the orders are well packaged for shipping. the postcards themselves travel well through the mail as is, but upon request, i’ll send a kraft (brown paper) envelope for each image.


both artifact uprising & are committed to the principles of sustainable products and process. however, neither company is fully successful, but they have taken steps and are commited to finding methods to keep things eco-friendly.

the system isn’t perfect ~ i’m learning as i go. Eventually, i hope to find a local printer committed & able to do small print runs on recycled stock, using good inks, & able to render images with a digital press.